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Scala-Megaveneto group, after having signed a partnership agreement with Megadyne Conveyor Belts, can now provide to its large customer base also conveyor belts made of pvc, polyurethane or other highly technical mixtures.

In a new working area, specially dedicated to this activity, were stored thousands meters square of various type of conveyor belts that can be processed according to customer needs using new generation machines.

A complete range of conveyor belts with technical features designed for all the most important industrial sectors such as food, internal handling, stone, wood, textile, paper, packaging, milling and sheet metal, can be processed in its own laboratory with competence and quickly.

We can be made all the main processes provided on the conveyor belts such as cutting, vulcanized junction, metal junction, application of guides, cleats, wavy edges and coatings.

Qualified staff is able to execute, with appropriate equipment, the installation of the belt directly on the plant of the customer.

A long experience technical staff, is able to provide to machinery manufacturers, even complex ones, service and support from the earliest planning stages, the sizing and selection of the most suitable products.

The flexibility of the company allows to study and provide customized products not included in the standard range, specifically designed for the needs of the individual customer as compounds, colorings, capacities and thicknesses.

On request, as required by modern legislation, it is possible to provide certificates of food application, HACCP, Atex, flame retardant, antistatic etc.

Offering both a complete range of products and services for the transmission and handling, Scala-Megaveneto group is now able to offer solutions tailored to make the whole path of the processing and handling of goods more efficient and rational in the industrial environment.

We offert to the customer the following service

  • Technical support for products sizing
  • Creation of belts according to the customer’s drawing
  • Creation of belts with coatings and special guides
  • Support service before and after sale
  • Welding and joining directly on the customer’s machine
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    Some sectors that we work

  • Textile industry
  • Food industry
  • Paper
  • Wood processing
  • Tobacco processing
  • Internal logistics
  • Belts for elevators
  • Marble and granite
  • Airports
  • Packaging
  • We sell and use the most reliable products of the best brand



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