PPJ System

The new revolution in transmission and transport sector

Device 8

Technical features

  • Created to join the belts directly during construction
  • Allows very fast replacement operations
  • Compatible with any type of coating
  • The back of the belts remains completely flat
  • Interchangeability with welded belts of equal geometry
Patented system for the joints
Stop the machine downtime

Special Executions belts

  • Belts cut from sleeve or coil
  • Welding belts in polyurethane
  • Grinding sides and back of belt up to a maximum of 35.000 mm length
  • Longitudinal milling on rubber belts, polyurethane belts for belts with special coatings
  • Special processing with CNC machine on belt and on special coatings
  • Execution of progressive patented joint PPJ on all timing belts even with measures in inches
  • Execution and vulcanization of cleats
  • Machining on waterjet machine
  • Machining of sprockets and pulleys according to customer’s drawing
  • red3.jpg

    Special executions chain

  • Cutting custom segments
  • Mounting attachments and extended pins even special parts
  • Secial execution and assembly also according to customer's request
  • Creation of rings formed by joined segments, with clip link or clinched
  • Creation of segments and special chains with specific treatments on customer request
  • Supply of rum-in chains and coupled in progressive and restricted tolerances of in parallel
  • We sell and use the most reliable products of the best brand



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