continuos innovation to satisfy an increasingly demanding market


Since 1956 SCALA SPA operates in distribution industry with a range of products and services increasingly wideeven through the acquisition of MEGAVENETO srl.

Today SCALA GROUP, from 2021 part of the Ammega group, has a solid and reliable structure, constituted by the headquarters of Torri di Quartesolo (VI) and subsidiaries of Mantova, Trento and Treviso and the controlled company MEGAVENETO srl present in Maerne (VE). The main sectors are power transmission, electromechanical automation, machining tools, pneumatic and various other products.

Sales activity is characterized by the particular attention to the high content products technical and innovative, the representation of several prestigious brands and our technical support with which we cooperate with the customer in the constant search for innovative technologies and advanced technical solutions.

All of this with the widespread presence of large sales force committed to achieving our mission.

Scala Spa
Scala SpaHead office Via Pola, 33
36040 Torri di Quartesolo (VI)
+39 0444.265555
Scala Spa
Scala SpaBranch of Via 1° maggio, 4
46030 S. Giorgio (MN)
+39 0376.270078
Megaveneto srl
Megaveneto srlVia Sergio Toniolo, 2/C
30030 Maerne di Martellago (VE)
+39 041.5030650
Scala Spa
Scala SpaBranch of Viale della Repubblia, 21
31020 Villorba (TV)
+39 0422.421841
Scala Spa
Scala SpaBranch of Via del Commercio, 3/7
38121 Trento TN
+39 0461.991300

Our sales philosophy takes into consideration the fundamental needs that the our customers, machine manufacturers, have: to be successful on the national and international market through continuous innovation and the high quality of their products.
We believe that this strategy is still valid and necessary, regardless of the alternating phases of the market, and then in periods of growth than in the recessions more or less marked. For this reason, our society has set as its "mission" the task to be able to offer its customers, products, services and ideas that can always make them more competitive.
For only with this common effort of innovation and greater efficiency, the Italian companies can overcome the challenges that the daily global market presents. Consistent with this view, our company, It is increasingly directed towards products with a high technical and innovative content, we formed a specialist division: the division "Automation Electromechanics ", with which, after study and verification of applications, the calculation of the ratios required and the calculation of the motor, it is in able to offer customers a complete and finished set of applications for linear and rotary motions. So this is not just about selling individual components, but, through collaboration with the technical departments of our customers, to create together new applications more more innovative and competitive, capable of overcoming the price competition.



Via Sergio Toniolo, 2/C
30030 - Maerne di Martellago (VE)
+39 041.5030650
+39 041.5030784
MEGAVENETO s.r.l. Via Pola, 33 - 36040 Torri di Quartesolo (VI) - P.IVA COD.FISC: 06474890016